2019 Supreme ZS232

Brand new from the bottom up for 2019, the ZS232 has flagship written all over it. While it’s not Supreme’s longest boat, it’s by far the builder’s biggest when it comes to on-board ballast and overall weight. The ZS is also the boldest and most unique-looking boat Supreme has ever built. On the water it’s […]

Experience Style, Strength and Function with the New Centurion DropZone Auto Tower

For an upgrade in style, strength, and function, opt for the all new DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell on your 2019 Centurion boat. This new tower folds quick and smooth with the push of a button thanks to floating Linear Actuators. The DropZone offers even more function with thoughtful touches like surf-side tow points and […]


Building water sports boats with the World’s best waves, wakes and ride is what we do. Building water sports boats to honor American law enforcement, firefighters and military is our extreme privilege. We are showing our appreciation with special Salute to Service Sales Incentives exclusively available to service men and women who purchase a new Centurion […]


Sport yachts are something to rave about and that’s probably why they’ve streamed into headlines over and over again! However, there are a few things that new owners don’t understand when they buy their first sport yacht, and our team at Monterey Boats want to help you make the best possible decision while taking in […]

Why Boats Need Trim Tabs

Trim tabs are two independently adjustable metal plates controlled by a panel at the helm. These tabs can help compensate for engine torque or unequal weight distribution. What do trim tabs do on a boat? They give you the ability to trim the hull and the prop independently and to make lateral adjustments to avoid […]

The NEWEST Super Sport Boat Model 305SS

Have You Heard of the NEWEST Super Sport Boat Model 305SS? Did you get reeled into the big hype around the new model 305SS Super Sport Boat? If you didn’t already know, there’s a new Super Sport model added on to the Monterey’s lineup! This is just as exciting as it looks on social media. […]

Supreme S226 Wakesurfing Review

Length: 22’6” | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 43 gal. | Seating Capacity: 14 | Dry Weight: 4,560 lb. | More Information: supremetowboats.com Supreme Boats  Style, spaciousness and performance all aligned to create the S226, a boat that commands attention both in and out of the water. Who It’s ForIf you’re a fan of the pickle-fork-style bow and want a moderate-size surf boat, the S226 should […]

Supreme S238 Wakesurfing Review

Length: 23’8″ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 63 gal. | Seating Capacity: 16 | Dry Weight: 4,700 lb. | More Information: supremetowboats.com Supreme Boats The biggest boat in the ­Supreme lineup, the S238 lives up to expectations by delivering a large wave with ample push. With room for 16, everybody can hop on board and enjoy it. What You GetThe S238’s wave grows substantially as […]

Centurion Ri217 Wakesurfing Review The Centurion Ri217 throws a clean wave that has a playful, moderate shape and steepness.

Length: 21’6″ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 63 gal. | Seating Capacity: 14 | Dry Weight: 5,350 lb. | More Information: centurionboats.com The Ri217 is the smallest boat in the Ri line, but with Ramfill and QuickSurf, it packs a sizable wave. Who It’s ForFor those who want the Centurion pedigree in a more manageable package. The Ri217 wave suits a wide range of riders […]

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Carolina Water Sports is now Dyer Marine

The Dyer Family has recently purchased Carolina Water Sports in Mooresville.  The Dyers have enjoyed boating and water sports on LKN for years, and our goal is to offer the best marine service in the area. Over the winter we have been busy with renovations for sales and service to elevate the customer experience.

We hope you will appreciate the changes we are making at Dyer Marine and look forward to meeting you.