Buying a Blackfin fishing boat is not like buying a home, there is no best time to buy one. While there is no specific best time to buy a fishing boat, each season has its own advantages and understanding the different seasons for boat-buying can help you find a better deal. Whether you’re considering to purchase your Blackfin fishing boat in late winter or early summer, knowing how the different seasons affect boat sales can help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Why Spring or Summer Are The WORST Times

Believe it or not, Spring or Summer are considered the worst times to buy a fishing boat for the pure reason that it’s boating season. Boating season means more people out in the water and the demand is high for those who want a boat. Supply and demand is the way the world makes economy work and with the perfect weather outside, why not buy a fishing boat? Just like right before Halloween all the decorations are full price because everyone is looking to decorate their homes for Halloween and then when the holiday is over everything is 75% off!

While many still buy their boat in the Spring or in the Summer to enjoy their boat right away, you can get a better deal in the Fall or Winter.

Your Best Bet is Buying a Fishing Boat During Fall or Winter Season

If you didn’t already know, during Fall season many manufacturers are building boats and they offer some pretty great discounts. Why you ask? Because the demand has declined for people wanting to buy a boat and take them out into the water. It’s no wonder the manufacturers take advantage of the decline in demand and offer discounts. Many will even argue that during Fall season is the absolute best time to buy a fishing boat or any boat for that matter just because of the discounts. Not only could you get superior discounts but you can even utilize the fact that it’s off season to add on accessories or customize your boat to your liking!

Winter season also known as boat show season is a fun time to buy a boat. The boat shows allow many people to come together and view a large selection from popular manufacturers world-wide. This allows you to explore various boat models from all prices and sizes as well as style. Boat show season starts around January and lasts through March, you can also find some deals at these boat shows.

In reality, the best time to buy a fishing boat is when you’re ready!

You can read as many blogs are your heart desires but you won’t truly know the best time to buy a Blackfin fishing boat until you’re ready. Of course if you’re looking to get the most bang out of your buck you  might be better off buying in the fall but if you want a decent deal and want to look at other fishing boats than the one you thought you wanted, then you might want to consider buying during the Winter time just to be able to look at more than one option. Just go with your gut, and enjoy the process no matter how stressful it may be because soon you’ll be driving your Blackfin boat and fishing in no time!

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Carolina Water Sports is now Dyer Marine

The Dyer Family has recently purchased Carolina Water Sports in Mooresville.  The Dyers have enjoyed boating and water sports on LKN for years, and our goal is to offer the best marine service in the area. Over the winter we have been busy with renovations for sales and service to elevate the customer experience.

We hope you will appreciate the changes we are making at Dyer Marine and look forward to meeting you.